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Clear Group Payroll Bureau provide outsourced payroll services that feels like an in-house team. 

Payroll has always been a chore for businesses with more than a handful of staff.

This year, the Irish payroll system has become increasingly complex with the introduction of new legislation. At the same time the risks of getting it wrong have significantly increased with greater levels of compliance and financial penalties for failure.

The case for outsourcing payroll is now stronger than ever. What stops many businesses reaping the benefits of outsourcing however, is the fear that an external company will not be as flexible, responsive, or available as an in-house person.

That is where Clear Group Payroll Bureau stands out:

When you outsource your payroll to us our team become part of your team. You can meet and get to know your Clear Group payroll partners as they will get to know you. There will always be someone who knows you and your business available to answer any questions or to help with any issues. Just like an in-house team. While you concentrate on running your business you will have the peace of mind that:

• your staff will be paid accurately and on time

• you are compliant with all the regulations, and

• that you are up to date with the latest payroll developments.

We offer a flexible solution that will give you all the payroll support you need leaving you free to run your business.

We use technology effectively throughout to make the whole payroll process as efficient as possible. We can also tailor reports to provide the specific information you require.

For further information and a quick no obligation quote, please call Us on + 353 1 968 0663     or email   info@cleargroup.ie

Clear Group Payroll Bureau service  offers a hassle free and cost-effective solution to your payroll management needs.

Get in touch today to see how they can help your business.