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Payroll Services for Multinational Companies based in Ireland

Corporate payroll services can make or break a global organisation’s success as a whole, especially on a global playing field. Payroll  for multinational companies is a critical but understated element to a company’s success, especially when there are multiple international operations to manage.

Payroll compliance varies across the globe — there are multiple differences from country to country, affecting everything from taxes to labor contracts and statutory payment schedules. Therefore, it is critical that your chosen corporate payroll services are aware of and well-versed in the compliance requirements in your target countries. Companies need to select a partner that has proven expertise to truly handle compliance correctly.

If you are located overseas, and you have employees working in Ireland, Clear Group can manage your complete payroll needs. Talk to us today by calling + 353 1 968 0663, or click here to send us an email.

Remember that you, the employer, are ultimately responsible for your payroll compliance. Clear Group is a payroll provider that has a long history of serving clients in Ireland and we are more then willing to educate you and your HR team on all the Irish payroll requirements. 

Dublin based Clear Group has decades of multinational payroll service experience and expertise for international companies based in Ireland. We understand the specific needs that multinational payrolls demand so offer a service that is specific to your needs.

We also guarantee strict controls,  data security, access to special reporting, accurate treatment of complex pay and deductions, and total business continuity and disaster recovery (DR).

How we can help you?

  • Registering as an overseas employer in Ireland
  • Irish Tax advice for your company, and for your employees, to ensure maximum tax savings
  • Pensions, Private Health Care, Company Car Payments
  • Direct payment to your employees in Euro.
  • Currency transfers, which means you can pay employees in Ireland, directly from your own bank account.

Why work with us?

  • Expert local knowledge, and a high-quality payroll service in Ireland
  • Confidence that your payroll is compliant with Irish payroll legislation and tax law
  • A single contact person within Clear Group ensuring you receive a personal service and have direct access to the person processing your payroll
  • Secure in the knowledge your payroll will run efficiently and effectively.
  • Support for your employees in Ireland
  • Reporting to your accounts department
  • Payslip delivery to employees, plus tax and social security reporting and payments.


When an organisation puts trust in a consolidated global payroll provider like Clear Group, they can avoid the common mistakes. Consolidation reduces the complexity, confusion, and risks typically associated with global payroll processing. We make our clients’ lives easier by managing all aspects of global payroll for them, leveraging over a decade of relevant experience and expertise.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you!


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