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Payroll Services for Start Up Companies Ireland

Clear Group offer a range of services to match the payroll requirements of any start-up company.  

If you now own and operate your own start up business, will be fully aware of how rewarding the process can be – and also how challenging.

The leap from employee to employer can be surprisingly intense when the minutiae of staff management and welfare are factored into consideration, and payroll duties can be among the most labour intensive duties of all.

It’s not just about getting people paid on time – that, in theory, is the simplest part of the process.

Many business owners struggle to find the time to remain on top of their administrative processes, the regular changes in tax law and regulations bestowed by the Revenue Commissioners, the many and varied deductions and calculations that need to take place in an employee’s gross salary each week or month, and all the printing and paperwork associated with hard copies of payslips and other documentation such as annual P60s.

Clear Group based in Co. Dublin  will be able to assist you with all these tasks, doing so much more efficiently and accurately than an in-house excel spreadsheet could ever hope to be.

In short, Clear Group can offer you two precious things that money may not otherwise be able to buy: time and peace of mind.

By working with a payroll provider such as Clear Group, you will be granted the serenity of allowing professionals to handle the details of your staff-related expenses, leaving you to focus on more pressing matters pertaining to building your new start-up business.

Should you decide to take on our fully managed payroll service, you’ll have as little to do with the process as possible, paying us a fee so that we handle all your payroll obligations so that you don’t have to.

By working with Clear Group, your company will also enjoy the full support of qualified professionals when it comes to filing your year-end payroll accounts – be that online or off–, and assistance with administrative tasks such as the of issuing payment runs and providing  hard copy payslips if this is a service you’d like to provide to your staff.

As your start-up business grows and you take on more employees, we will look after all requirements allowing you and your employees to relax safe in the knowledge that all personal data is accurate and wages will be paid accurately and promptly.


Why work with us?

  • Expert local knowledge, and a high-quality payroll service in Ireland
  • Confidence that your payroll is compliant with Irish payroll legislation and tax law
  • A single contact person within Clear Group ensuring you receive a personal service and have direct access to the person processing your payroll
  • Secure in the knowledge your payroll will run efficiently and effectively.
  • Support for your employees in Ireland
  • Reporting to your accounts department
  • Payslip delivery to employees, plus tax and social security reporting and payments.

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