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Thinking of switching Payroll Providers?

Not happy with your outsourced payroll provider? Are you thinking of switching but wondering if it’s worth the hassle? Maybe it’s time to make the switch to Dublin based Clear Group?  There are several reasons why a business would be frustrated with their current payroll provider including:

  • Increased yearly fees and costs
  • Poor customer support
  • Additional costs for payslips, auto enrollment or additional clients
  • Additional costs for customer support
  • Fixed term contracts
  • Lack of basic payroll functionality


No matter what reasons led to the switch, we focus on the benefits and new opportunities available to you once you make that switch. Clear Group pride ourselves on providing both fantastic cost effective solutions with a service delivery that is second to none. We know the decision to switch payroll providers can be a hard one and the decision of whom to switch to even harder. Rest assured that with Clear Group, it will be plain sailing from here on in.

The physical process of switching payroll providers can be extremely complex. At Dublin based Clear Group,  we understand the complexities involved and go out of our way to make the switch as smooth as possible. When faced with ongoing multiple payrolls, coupled with varying payment frequencies, the switch to a new provider can seem an impossible task to pull off without hiccups.

At Clear Group we fully understand the level of security and control required to ensure a smooth transition. It is crucial that payments are made accurately and on time to maintain staff moral and keep the workforce fully motivated. It is equally important to comply with all current and future Revenue legislation. Not only do we work directly with you to have everything set up in advance, but we also pay particular attention to the areas that led to you wanting to make the switch in the first place.

When is the best time to switch?

The best time to switch is NOW. Many people make the common mistake of thinking the most convenient time to make the switch is at the start of the new tax year. This is wrong for many reasons. Quite often your current contract with your existing payroll provider will expire before then and require you to renew or terminate the contract. Equally, the start of the new tax year can be a hectic time for both you and us and it would be better to allow yourself more time to get everything perfect for a smooth transition.

How to make the switch?

In order to get to know you, your business and your requirements, we always advise setting up an initial meeting to discuss face to face the issues of the past and how Clear Group can fix them moving forward. We can put together figures for you in the form of an official quotation to make sure you are happy with the price and then focus more on the service delivery with a solution tailored to meet and exceed your needs.

If you have any questions please get it touch with one of our and team and we will be happy to talk you through the process and offer any help.

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