When your business is thriving but you are tied up with payroll ….

A good indication of a hands on entrepreneur is his or her ability to wear multiple hats, juggle dozens of tasks simultaneously and multitask his or her way from a start up company to a thriving business.

However the irony is – often multitasking will actually decrease our work productivity and leave us feeling stressed, over burdened and forever playing catch up on our tasks and obligations. To do something well, many studies support the belief that we need to focus on one task at at time. However those of us who are running our own businesses know that this is not always possible.

So what’s the best solution? The success of any business is playing to its strengths while identifying weak areas and how to best limit their impact. If you are a sales person, spend your day selling. If you are the product creator, concentrate on making improvements to make your product better.  It does not make sense to waste your talent and time on tasks that are preventing you from doing what you do best. It makes far more sense to to immediately outsource specialised tasks such as payroll to free up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Here are some top tips:

– Complete a time management review and see where your time is being spent. These often give surprising (and scary) results! You can be pedantic with the recording but just remember if it is too much hassle to do, you aren’t going to do it – you are already too busy! We recommend leaving a note pad beside the keyboard and writing down daily tasks so you can work out what most of your time is being spent on.

– Identify what you would be comfortable outsourcing and how much control you would like to retain.

– Seek outsourcing provider that will meet your personal needs – limited input, excessive input, high/ low reporting, etc.

Life is too short to do something you hate – put your skills to their best use and look for outsourcing opportunities which are compatible with youyour control needs and your business.

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