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Why Outsource Your Payroll Management Services?

Most companies will select one of the following options when conducting their payroll services:

  • Use their accountant to sort their payroll out for them
  • Carry out the payroll in-house
  • Select a dedicated payroll provider such as Clear Group based in Balbriggan, Co. Dublin 

Outsourcing your payroll to Clear Group will also lead to the following efficiencies:

  • You spend more time focusing on the core areas of your business
  • You will have less employee overheads
  • Your payroll systems will be accurate and comply with Revenue legislation

The Obvious Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

By outsourcing your payroll to Clear Group you will achieve substantial savings on management and staff time allowing you to focus your attention on your core business. There are many key areas where Clear Group can support your business:

Payroll Software & Processes

Payroll software is a vital component in your admin office. By outsourcing your payroll to us you:

  • Will not need to ensure the compatibility of your computers and printer with your payroll software
  • Won’t have to review your payroll software packages & choose and purchase a suitable one
  • Won’t need to install the payroll software and learn the first steps of how to use it with all the usual pitfalls
  • Won’t have to update your payroll software annually for new Tax rates
  • Won’t have to update your payroll software as employment legislation changes
  • Won’t have to choose, order and purchase payroll stationery such as payslips
  • Won’t have to learn, re-learn and process your Payroll – and do it accurately so you do not have to keep correcting your errors

Revenue Commissioners

These are some of the payroll issues associated with the Revenue Commissioners that you won’t have to worry about:

  • Learning the basic rules set by the Revenue Commissioners
  • Dealing with the Revenue Commissioners . Our own experience with the Revenue Commissioners is excellent but they do of course expect all employers to follow their rules & procedures. Backed by legislation they will take punitive action where they feel it necessary
  • Time and cost you spend on the phone resolving your payroll inquiries with the Revenue Commissioners

Weekly & Year-End Payroll & Legislation

Doing your weekly and year-end payroll can be quite time consuming but we can take the hassle out of it by:

  • Processing your payroll on time, week-after-week whilst you are focusing on core business areas like managing your business, trying to increase turnover, managing your staff, managing your cash flow, retaining a competitive edge within your own business sector and keeping up with and implementing the constantly-evolving legislation which applies to your core business. Let us do your payroll  task for you.
  • Processing your payroll year-end online to the Revenue Commissioners  and dealing with all queries.
  • Keeping up to date with employment and payroll legislation. Particularly the rules & procedures on the National Minimum Wage, Holiday Entitlement, Statutory Sick Pay, Student Loans, Statutory:- Maternity Pay, Paternity Pay & Adoption Pay.

If you think that your business needs a hand from a reliable, fast and professional payroll provider, please get in touch with Clear Group.

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