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Do you have Rental Income?

If so, you are required to file an income tax return annually. We prepare tax returns for landlords with property in Ireland, or abroad. There are many expenses you can claim against your rental income, in order to reduce your tax liability. We do a thorough check, to ensure that you are in receipt of all your available allowances. We make sure you are tax compliant, and file your return on time.

Landlord Tax Return Service

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What Landlords Must File a Tax Return in Ireland?

Irish Landlords

Non-Resident Landlords

Foreign Rental Income

Expenses you can claim for:

Repairs and Maintenance of the Rented Property
Painting, electrical, and general repairs can be offset against rental income

Mortgage Interest
In 2017, 80% of the interest on your mortgage can be offset against your rental income. You must be registered with the PRTB to avail of this relief.

Mortgage Protection Insurance

House Insurance
For the rental property

Prior Year Losses
If you incurred a loss on your property in previous years, you can offset this loss, against any profits gained in this year.

PRTB – Private Residency Tenancy Board
The €90 fee will reduce your tax liability.

Accountancy Fees
Great news, Clear Group fees are tax deductible as part of your return

Property Management Fees
If you pay annual fees to a property agency, these fees are deductible

Estate Agent Fees
If you have worked with an agent to find a new tenant.

Capital Allowances (Wear and Tear)
Furniture, fixtures and equipment can be offset against your rental income. This relief is spread over 8 years at 12.5% per year.

Home Renovation Incentive Scheme
If you are carrying out significant repairs, renovations and improvements to your rental property, you can claim 13.5% vat back, up to a maximum of €30,000.

Advertising Expenses

Legal Fees
For drawing up rental leases

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Who we are

Clear Group is a registered Tax Agent with the Revenue Commissioners. We work on behalf of landlords to prepare their tax returns, and ensure they are tax compliant. We also work with across multiple business sectors. Our list of clients includes not only landlords, but companies in Retail, Professional Services, Sport & Leisure, Catering, Wholesale, Contractors, Licensed Premises, International Logistics & Distribution.

01 968 0663

Limestone House, 20 Drogheda Street,
Balbriggan, County Dublin


Limestone House,

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